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I am a new customer of LeBlanc Mechanical. They dont know me at all. A neighbor gave them the same review verbally that i do below. 

I have a dinosaur of an air conditioner. And its dead-i’m thinking the compressor is toast and i am looking at several thousand dollars to replace the old beast. I call them late in the day, and next day at 6pm a tech comes out, he gets righ to it. In 1/2 hour he checks out my clunker’s compression and freon, no sales pitch to upgrade, adds some R22 freon, checks the air filter, says its all fine, and he’s done. “We’ll send you a bill.” Got it today, VERY reasonable for a regular customer, never mind a cold-call. And best of all- it works great!

I am sold, and i will send all my friends to these guys-awesome service!!!! 

Have an HVAC issue- call them FIRST.

Put them on your emergency list now, before you forget!

Don E.

I own a single family in Waltham and I have 2 air conditioning/heating systems. I had one of the units stop working unexpectedly. I called into the office and spoke with Shawn and after a brief hold he said he could have someone come but they were very busy and it could be a day or two and if an opening came up he would contact me. I stressed that my elderly mom was staying with me and the unit that was broke was for the room where she slept. They made me a top priority and Randy Leblanc(owner) called me back shortly after and said even though the schedule was full, he would come out  personally and fix it. Shortly after, he arrived and determined I needed a new blower. He returned about an hour later with the part and installed it. I thought it was an A+ experience from start to finish…and best of all, my mom stayed nice and cool while visiting! Thank You Leblanc team!! If anyone ever has any HVAC problems, this is the company you want to call for sure!!

Jessica L.

Monday of President’s Day weekend and no heat since Sunday.  The house was down in the 40s  We called LeBlanc and spoke with Sean.  We explained that we did have hat in 1/2 of the house and since it had been bitterly cold the day before we did not need to be high priority.  No, he said I will have some one there immediately  Within 1/2 hour a tech arrived  replaced the filter and did some other magic.  There were pipes that had to be replaced but since we had heat we asked to be put on a lower priority.  The tech just left(Friday) and our house is warm and cozy and more important we do not have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.  They could not have been more efficient and polite.  Wonderful service.  I would recommend them to any one and should other problems crop up would call them without hesitation

Annette M.