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Air Conditioning Repair Independence MO

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Ever since Air Conditioning was made, comfort was easier and better than before. Over the years, air conditioners start breaking down. Either the filters, wires, springs, or ducts, they all wear out over time. We offer a wide range of Air Conditioners that are quiet while also offering a range of temperature control.

We also offer Air Conditioning repair, with a reliable 24-hour service. A good way to extend the life of your Air Conditioner is to keep it maintained. Regularly cleaning the filter system, and changing it once it’s worn out can go a long way. We have accessories such as coils and filters, that you can use to replace your old parts.

An A/C works by shifting fluid particles indoors, outdoors, and indoors again so they absorb the heat. The fluid is called Refrigerant, there are many types of Refrigerant and each offers their own way of absorbing the heat, it is usually contained inside copper coils.

Heaters are also helpful at cold times, since cold weather increases depression and feeling blue, so heaters can help by reducing the cold and keeping you warm.
Our wide variety of Air Conditioners are flexible for your home needs. The Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner, for example, is 13 times quieter than the normal Air Conditioner, it also provides constant cooling. It is also twice as energy efficient than a standard air conditioner.

We also have Furnaces, Air Handlers, and heat pumps, to accommodate your needs. Our filters can clean the air indoors when attached to a conditioner, making the air clean and free of dust and dirt.

An Air Conditioner’s settings are easy to use and change. The “cool” of the unit is referred to in blue or in numbers. Air conditioning indoors is very important, whether it’s a facility, a house, work office, or a shop. Cool and humid air conditioning helps relax the body and keep your mind calm. In the Springtime, Air conditioners are usually used to balance out the weather and create a nice temperature.

Air Conditioners have around four main parts that form the A/C. A compressor, that is a pump for pressurizing Refrigerant; An evaporator, a part that receives the liquid Refrigerant; A condenser, which helps with heat transfer; And an expansion valve, which maintains Refrigerant flow into the evaporator. There are also smaller parts that put everything together, like the Air filters, the fan, the two coils that store the Refrigerant, and more minor parts. Ducts are also used; they are passages that deliver ventilation air. We custom manufacture all our own ductwork.

Sometimes, an air conditioner becomes faulty due to a minor problem that can be fixed at home. You can Repair an air conditioner from some common problems without needing to call an expert. Identifying the problem is the first and main part. After you identify the problem, you can find a solution or call maintenance.
Since we offer 24-hour emergency service in case your air conditioner has a problem, we can help you identify it. We have several different installation projects you can install. For questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to Call us at: (816) 347-8388.

Why It's Better to Call After Hours For an Emergency

You may think it's better to wait until the sun comes up before calling a heating and cooling company, but the fact is, some HVAC companies are open at all hours of the night to provide service to the community. Waiting can cost you a lot of money or cause you to try and sleep in an uncomfortable environment. At AFC Heating and Cooling, we would rather our customers call us for emergency service to restore a comfortable temperature than having to wait for normal business hours. If your A/C stops working, starts making unusual noises, or cycles on and off repeatedly within a short amount of time, give our technicians a call- day or night.

Affordable Repairs Save Money

If you own an older air conditoner or have started noticing issues with the system's performance, you might try to talk yourself into replacing the unit with a newer model when a replacement may not be necessary. Before you start shopping for a new A/C, make a call to AFC Heating and Cooling to schedule a service call. We'll troubleshoot your air conditioner to determine the problem, and offer professional advice on the best way to deal with the issue. If we can make a repair that will last, it will save you a lot of money compared with the cost of a new A/C.

Air Conditioning Repair Independence MO

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Air Conditioning Repair Independence MO

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