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Air Conditioning Orlando

Article provided by: TemperaturePro Orlando

Air Conditioning Orlando

We know during Orlando's harsh summer, it is quite impossible to survive without Air conditioning system. These AC units are also responsible for controlling the humidity inside your house and office. Hence, taking good preventive maintenance is utterly essential if you don't want to suffer in the hot summer days. However, keep in mind that certified and experienced technicians should always carry out these AC repairs and maintenance. But probably you have seen plenty of ads but are still unsure which company to hire to do preventive care? The chances are that you often type on the internet “good AC Service company near me” but never find someone reliable. Look no more, TemperaturePro, one of the leading AC repair company in Orlando, FL, is here to help you. We ensure your cooling systems work optimally throughout the year. Whether it's residential or commercial, our top of the line technicians will efficiently solve all the issues related to your Air Conditioning System.

Remember, neglecting necessary maintenance will decline the Air conditioning systems' life expectancy and steadily increase energy consumption. Regular maintenance and tuning can be extremely beneficial for your cooling system in the long run. And to do that, it is best to rely on reputable and honest AC repair companies.

Therefore, at TemperaturePro, we aim at the finest Air Conditioner repair services in Orlando, FL, to make sure every client is served in the best possible way and get the best value for every penny they spend. Our contract covers a wide range of tasks, so take a look and feel free to compare it to other vendors and their prices.

  1. We will clean or replace the compressor.
  2. Clean evaporator coil condition.
  3. Check and replace air filters.
  4. Inspect all wiring in the system and secure it if needed.
  5. Observe the humidity levels.
  6. Lubricate motor bearings
  7. Check fan motor
  8. Clean drain lines and clear clogs to ensure efficient airflow
  9. Clean drain pans to avoid overflow of water
  10. Replace belts and pulleys if needed.
  11. Inspect blowers and blades
  12. Change batteries.
  13. Check the thermostat to ensure the correct temperature levels.
  14. Clean out dust and debris
  15. Detect weird odor
  16. Inspect leakage inside the cabinet
  17. Wipe clean interior and exterior of the cabinet.

Besides all this, we provide remarkable service in your offices without interrupting your workflow, making us the best Orlando's AC repair services. With our commercial air conditioning service, you can avail of the services listed below.

  1. Detect noises
  2. Minimal maintenance
  3. Replace dirty filters
  4. Inspect all the wiring in the units
  5. Secure the connection
  6. Look for leakages

We address all these issues promptly and also offer our clients full warranties. Our trained technician is available for you 24/7, so if you are looking for a reliable company for Air Conditioning in Orlando, pick up your phone and call (407) 440-4545 for a free inspection and quotation. After contacting us, you will find our representative at your doorstep in no time and prepare your Air Conditioning System for the hot season ahead.

Air Conditioning Orlando

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Air Conditioning Orlando

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